Animal Sponsorship


Animal Sponsorships make a rewarding gift. With your sponsorship, you gain a special friend and support the Hudson Highlands Nature Museum. Best of all, your sponsored animal will remain at the Museum where it will receive the expert care it needs. You provide the love, without the worry or work. Sponsorships make excellent gifts and are valid for one year.

Sponsorship packages begin at $25.  For more information, please call 845-534-7781.

To download a sponsorship form click here

The following are Animal Species available for sponsorships:

Birds: Great Horned Owl, Eastern Screech Owl, Ring-neck Dove, American Crow, SawWhet Owl

Reptiles: 5-Lined Skink, Black Rat Snake, Eastern Hog-nose Snake, Eastern Milk Snake, Diamond back Terrapin, Eastern Box Turtle, Eastern Painted Turtle, Musk Turtle, Spotted Turtle

Amphibians: Green Frog, Pickerel Frog, Gray Tree Frog, Wood Frog, American Toad, Northern Red Salamander

Mammals: Opossum, Chipmunk, House Mouse, Rabbit

Fish: American Eel, Brook Trout, Striped Bass, Pond Habitat

Invertebrates: Crayfish, Millipede, Tranantula

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