Museum Staff

Outdoor Discovery Center Phone Number: 845-534-5506

Jacqueline L. Grant, Executive Director, ext. 203

Jill O'Brien, Membership and Registration Assistant., ext. 204

Pam Golben, Director, Wildlife Education Center 845-534-7781

Lisa Mechaley, Director of Education, ext. 206

Carl Heitmuller, Environmental Educator, ext. 209

Candace Rivera, Operations Manager, ext. 201

Marian Goldin, Marketing Manager, ext. 215

Megan Hoffman, Environmental Educator and Management Assistant, ext. 211

Lucinda Poindexter,  Development Coordinator, ext. 212

Museum Educators: Alicia Brienza, Adam Harlec, Annie Jacobs, Morgane Jacob

Museum Assistants: Joan Marvel, James Farkas, Kenny Bates, Sasha Boucher, Michelle Mindicino

Young Naturalist PreSchool Staff

Sandy Dixon,YN Program Director, ext. 214

Jen Pryne, YN Teacher
Morgane Jacob, YN Assistant Teacher
Kerry Kopf, YN AssociateTeacher
Annie Kelly, YN Assistant Teacher
Katie Fraine, YN Assistant Teacher

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